Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It is too early yet to be grateful for the election outcome. Tomorrow some will be grateful while others will be disappointed.Today, however, we can all collectively share an abiding sense of gratitude for the process that enhanced our dignity as human beings and Americans
Some stood in long lines and waited long periods before they could draw the curtain around them. For others, little effort was required.
What embraced me with a special feeling of gratefulness was the face of a young man-probably a first time voter-who stepped out from behind the curtain with a smile of pride and empowerment that captured the essence of being an American. Together with this young man was an elderly woman who was guided through the mechanical steps of voting by a volunteer attendant. Her face too reflected an deeply-etched sense of determined pride and privilege for her somewhat clumsy efforts with the lines of lighted buttons in the voting machine.
Voting turnout was at an all time high-a healthy and positive sign of a vibrant democracy. This election was revolutionary in many ways which only bodes well for the future unfolding of a system of government that is the inspiration of the entire world. Perhaps not only the wall of ageism but the ramparts of racism too will finally tumble to the ground in shattered fragments never to be reassembled again, never to darken the light of freedom and hope, giving us the renewed expectation of a time when content and character will count more than all else in selecting a leader of the world's leading democracy.
For all the above, I am thankful and grateful on this momentous day in our history.

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