Sunday, February 22, 2009


Reading from the Torah scroll is a daunting task. Without punctuation, vowels or musical notes ,correct reading requires much practice and/or an excellent memory.
My memory is average and my patience for much repetition is limited. Yet, when asked to read at a Romemu service, I enthusiastically agreed.
Past demands to read were compromised; I made every effort to ensure the accurate pronunciation of the text while being lax about the musical rendition. Somehow congregations didn't mind. This time however, I was determined to read the selection with perfection. I rehearsed it sufficiently and stood by the rabbi as I read.
I felt a hand on my back-it was that of Rabbi David, subtly supporting my effort.His touch was calming and reassuring, making my reading experience one without fear but filled with sacred delight.
I returned to my seat. The service continued. My son stood at my side. I felt an arm around my shoulder. He placed his arm around me and we prayed in that special embrace of father and son.
How grateful I am for a rabbi's simple touch, and the touch of my son only heightened my gratitude and joy
Receiving those gifts of authentic concern and love by way of an ordinary touch was the singular reason for the sacred gratefulness of that Sabbath day.
Reach out and touch someone- it is a gift beyond words.

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