Thursday, April 23, 2009


Sitting by the elevator, a blue paper gown covering my body, I waited for the procedure to begin. I closed my eyes, and began to meditate, focusing as I normally do, on what I can be grateful for at that particular time. As I mindfully toured my body, I recognized that I was pain-free; I was thankful for that blessing! Questions arose in my mind concerning the possibility of the discovery of some ailment :what is the doctor going to find as he scans the large intestine with a marvel of modern medical technology? Polyps? If so, will they be benign or , heaven forbid, malignant? Diverticulitis? a scary name that evokes much concern! Perhaps after all, nothing at all? I mindfully paid attention to the gift available to me and others living today of this technology that can bring so much preventive benefit to so many."Modeh ani lefanehcha" I heard myself recite in my mind. I entered into a space of gratitude, realizing that whatever the outcome of these tests, I, living today and not twenty years ago, have an extraordinary advantage and gift, one that can only better my health and my life.

The procedure was quick and painless. Under a mild anesthesia, I caught a very restful half hour nap. The happy culmination of the experience was evident as the doctor approached with a smile on his face and a thumbs up; all was well!

As I left the medical facility I felt myself grateful for so much-the positive outcome, the wonderful nursing and physicians' care that made the ordeal comfortable, endurable even enjoyable. Their competence, good humor and genuine kindness were all sources of profound gratitude.

Modeh Ani-I am blessed with another day on which to recognize life's many miracles.

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