Friday, October 16, 2009


I was on the bus for about four hours; I was traveling alone.
Other passengers read, wrote, slept or listened to their IPods. I feel nausea if I read or write on a moving motor vehicle, I wasn’t tired and I don’t own an IPod! What was I to do for the duration of the trip?
I spent the time thankfully and creatively. I gazed out the window at the passing spectacle of luscious colors, leaves preparing to take leave of their branches and float downward to their demise, but not before a stunning display of color-they would make their exit with all the drama contained in brilliant yellows, oranges and reds.
Of course my mind was awash with reels of thought and associations. I focused on the beauty of the outside, the joys of simply speeding along a highway, and the relationship of mother and daughter in front of me. The mother was elderly, the daughter, an adult. They spoke a foreign language, perhaps German. I was unable to catch their words clearly. But what I did perceive was their simple love and joy of sitting together. They chatted, shared pretzels and baby carrots, giggled at digital pictures the daughter was taking, and when feeling tired she snuggled up to her mother’s body to catch a carefree nap while a mother’s hand lovingly rested on her head. Not once did a harsh or impatient word pass between them; I was witness to a picture of the joy of simply being together.
I was also blessed with thoughts that were creative that helped me clarify some ideas I was considering at the time. I was grateful that such clarification arrived.
Being alone and quiet can be a great gift . Was I bored? Not for a moment. After all, is life boring?
Furthermore, I was grateful for a safe trip. And oh yes, my gratitude was overflowing for the readily available restroom at the rear of the bus!
Shabbat Shalom.

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