Wednesday, February 16, 2011

God's Prayer

If prayer is possibility,

The potential of pregnant prospects,

What can God, always and real, pray for?

I am what I am-not as yet to be,

If so, why pray?

Or I will be what I will be,

And if I pray, I shall be what I wish to be-

I groan under the burden of My Power,

I cry out for relief, the ease that comes with imperfection

Omnipotence offers little hope,

Just disappointment, unmet expectation.

And so I pray:

May it be My will

That My mercy,

Suppress My anger…

Ah this is My God-

The God who prays for His own forgiveness,

Whose compassion trumps all attributes-

I can now hope

To transform my rage

Into a flowering of love,

Taking the thorns of hostility

And shaping their sharpness into petals of gentle roses.

Imitatio dei! Emulate God,

Take His image into your soul

Look mercifully upon your anger

and in this mindful caress of your fury

the heart will open its iron gates and let

the light of mercy shine in

All Godly groaning will be silenced

And the universe will echo the divine sigh

of Self- redemption.

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