Monday, March 28, 2011

Grateful for My Gratefulness Haggadah

Finally, after months of work that entailed not only interpretation of the text but making use of designing and formatting skills I never imagined I could use, the Gratefulness Haggadah - Dayenu - is complete. I hope to eventually have the haggadah published so that it can be used more comfortably at a Seder table. In the meantime, all or parts of the document can be downloaded (you can access the haggadah by clicking on the cover located on right-hand side of my blog or at and referred to in my hope that in some small way it can add to the sense of celebration, freedom and gratitude that are inherent in the Passover Seder experience.
I would welcome comments so that inclusions, deletions or changes can be considered to enhance the beauty and richness of one of the most exciting and satisfying rituals in Jewish life.
With deepest gratitude to the Author of All things, I offer these pages to you in blessed memory of my devoted father-in-law, Jacob Lederman, and my dearest cousin, Eric Joel Tanenbaum, may they rest in peace.

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