Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grateful for a Bird's Nest

It was an early summer's day and we returned to our cabin in the country for a restful Shabbat. In typical pre-Shabbat fashion, we hurried as we deposited our things in closets, on tables , in the refrigerator, and began our food preparations for the Sabbath day. Amidst our scurrying about I heard my wife exclaim excitedly but in hushed tones: “Come here-the nest is back!”

I rushed to my wife's side and looking up to the corner of a log beam that crisscrosses with the side of our cabin I caught sight of a perfectly constructed bird's nest, of an unmoving tail and the head of the mother bird scouting for potential risk to her soon to be fledglings.When would the eggs hatch ?When would the first stirrings of life grace our rear deck with their chirping cries of life reborn and renewed? I wondered aloud. We dropped everything and for a few minutes stared at the nest in silent reverence and awe.

At each visit, we make our way to the kitchen window and await, like nervous parents, the arrival of our new-found guests.

How simply wondrous is this everyday phenomenon of nature! The precise construction of a nest, the protectiveness by the mother of her soon to be born young, and the exciting emergence of life from within the confines of thinly covered shells!

The miracle continues with the unstoppable foraging of the mother for food to bring back to her young and with the image of wide open tiny beaks reaching upwards to catch the worms and live.

The final stage of this amazing unfolding of life are the valiant but hesitant attempts of the babies to fly, to leave their nests and soar upwards toward the heights of life's greatness and challenges.

Each step in this wondrous process is reason for praise, for gratitude that life stubbornly pushes on.This persistence is always a sign of hope.

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