Tuesday, January 31, 2012


“Good morning!” she said cheerfully. It was my turn to check throughmy products at the A&P and the cashier's greeting seemed natural andspontaneous.

I answered in kind, smiling and friendly.

In response she added: "I am thankful that I got another day today!”

I was hooked. "I am Jewish,” I announced .”In my tradition, the first words that a Jew recites when waking up, before doing anything else, are 'I thank You'-'Modeh Ani which is Hebrew for I thank you.”

Her eyes began to glisten with tears. " I felt like crying when you told me this.”

A pause was followed by: “When I get up I say 'thank you, Jesus, for another day'!

The transaction was completed, I wished her a good day and I was on my way.

A smile stuck to my face as I thought about the brief encounter. Different theology, same humanity.Different ethnic group-she, Afro-American, me-Jewish caucasian-same heart!

Perhaps in fact gratefulness is the unifying spiritual sensibility this world so desperately needs.

I was blessed with another moment of gratitude sharing which brightened my day. I thank You-Modeh Ani!

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