Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Grateful for a remarkable birthday

It has been quite quite a while since I have posted any gratefulness comments.This is not to suggest that there has been nothing for which to be grateful all these months. To the contrary, every moment of every day represents untold reasons for gratitude.
But today is indeed special-it is Helen Fisher's 110th birthday!
I began visiting Helen over a year ago as part of a "doula" program that provides visits by volunteers to those whose passing is imminent. She had fallen and was reported as someone whose days were "numbered!" Over a year later, after weekly visitations to a woman who continued to survive and maintain her physical health,
she celebrated her 110th birthday. Helen has never taken a pill in her entire life and until her fall several years ago would take daily walks in her neighborhood and visit the local restaurants for meals.
While her cognitive capacities have been compromised, she maintains an upbeat attitude, charming me with her smile, her beautiful blue eyes and her capacity to blush when I kiss and hug  her.
Each visit to Helen is a reflection of the  miracle of life, its wonder and its hidden mysteries. I am grateful for the  opportunity to visit her and witness by her presence the  hope and marvel of life.
Happy birthday Helen-may you reach the Biblical span of 120 years of life.

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