Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Leash

sun shimmering across the river
lifting its light, linking east with west,
above and beyond a blue heaven 
awaiting  prayers of tired tongues,
breezes brushing sweaty brows,
and the breath,seeking its way 
to the early morning winds.

along the dry land’s edge 
white hair mirroring the fluff on the leash
tugging tenderly
loosening loneliness with each curled, gnarly cuff

every morning
piously, devotedly,
a pilgrimage to nowhere

Is this a way of worship?
strolling  secure in Dog’s protection?

a ferry ‘s horn fills the early mist
a leash from dock untied
riders sleepily  seated
the horn heralds a new day of loneliness

the sun’s light-
canopy of blue
humming winds
river’s rippling hushes
a leash i tug at gently, assured
I will not drift alone,lost

in the reaches of nothingness.

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