Friday, August 1, 2008


I HAD NOT SEEN OR SPOKEN TO HIM FOR SEVERAL YEARS ;I thought about him more than occasionally; his books of photography grace my coffee table. On Shabbat, I glance at the photographs of people’s souls and gain spiritual nurturance as I celebrate the sacred day of gratefulness.
We met over lunch and almost four hours later we parted but not before it became clear to me how grateful I am for erstwhile students who are in fact my teachers. I was his rabbi; he is my teacher.
We chatted, laughed, caught up with one another's life changes, shared a wonderful meal and simply relished each other’s presence.
He left me with many gifts-a copy of his book of photographs on the moment of healing, insights about life and light, but most important of all he reminded me to remain true to my own voice. The most precious gift he gave me was the gift of myself,my spirit and soul.
In his book of visual poetry,he adds poetic words. This is what he writes:
“We are made whole …when we are receptive to the vibrant reality of another human being, when we touch and are touched lovingly.”
Thank you, Abraham, for your vibrant reality and your loving touch.

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