Friday, March 27, 2009


The long cold winter is over, at least for those of us in the New York metropolitan area.
As warmth wafted in the air, I could not help but take notice of so many almost imperceptible changes...

My movements were slower
my head no longer lower
against wind and snow
temperatures dropping below

any point of endurance,
day after day
there was no assurance,
gloves would finally be put away

all around me I saw,
peoples faces grow soft
no longer wrinkled and raw
with eyes raised aloft

to catch the sun's rays,
shining their blessing,
a good reason to praise
our bodies caressing

I noticed with ease,
old folks ambling on,
landscapers on knees,
sowing seed on each lawn

Laughter and fun
floated over the shrubs,
school classes were done
kids carousing eating subs

feeling heightened relief,
like after a storm,
joy following grief,
that's simply life's norm

I couldn't help but consider
Nature's remarkable mystery
yesterday sunless and bitter
today a new reality

I cannot explain,
Either pleasure or pain

all I can do,
is simply say-I THANK YOU.

Shabbat Shalom

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