Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today is the seventh day of ADAR, one week before Purim.The date is not recognizable to most as a date of any particular significance. The Talmud however informs us that this was the date on which the "lots" fell as designated for the destruction of the Jews of Persia." When the the lot fell on the month of Adar,he(Haman) rejoiced greatly saying,The lot has fallen for me on the month in which Moses died. He did not know, however, that while Moses died on the seventh of Adar, he was born on the sixth of Adar."
It is further reported in the Talmud that: "The Holy One Blessed be He does not smite Israel unless he has created for them a healing beforehand."

Afflictions befall all of us. No one can escape hardship, pain and suffering.It is an integral part of human life. Each one of us carries her own "peckle," his own bundle.
But, within the grand scheme of things as understood by the Talmud the capacity to heal is embedded in the reality of life as well. Moreover, it was created first out of God's sense of concern and compassion. We can't always prevent bad things from happening; nor, it appears ,can God wish it so, for whatever reason.Nevertheless, the capacity to heal has greater and more enduring significance than the reality of life's setbacks and suffering.
To heal means more than taking a pill. Needless to say, I would never belittle the miracle of modern medicine with its array of medications that bring healing to so many.
The healing I have in mind is the healing of the mind, the heart and the human spirit.
If we would consider for a moment the extraordinary capacity of the human spirit to transform hurt into healing, pain into progress, grief into goodness, then I believe we are left with the unmistakable conclusion that the gift of healing is indeed a miracle.
As we approach Purim, another powerful reason for gratefulness emerges, one that deepens the already profound meaning of Purim as a holiday of miracles.

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Laura said...

As one who is in that miraculous place of simultaneous suffering and healing I am grateful to the balm of words you have offered.