Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grateful for Sitting Up

Her eyes were level with mine. No longer did she have to look up, eyes pleading for a moment of well-being, of physical normalcy.The nurses got her off the bed, the first time in many weeks. Now she sat erect on the wheel chair, her skin color no longer an ashen white; now her skin radiated the tinge of some faint color-light tan mixed in with a barely perceptible pink.
A smile returned to her face while her voice articulated words of strength and confidence.
We sat opposite her, her son and brother, and we rejoiced in this one hour of renewal. I quietly recited the morning blessing said during daily Jewish prayer-"Praised are You, God, Sovereign of the Universe, who raises up those who are bent."

Imagine, I thought-the gift of one's ability to sit up in a chair-how precious beyond all price.
Another small step, but in fact a large stride toward eventual recovery and improvement.
Another reason to be grateful.

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