Friday, January 14, 2011

Grateful for a Stranger's blessing

She stands alone , against a wall of wood boarding up an empty Manhattan lot . A stretch of midtown Broadway, almost abandoned at 7:00 am on a wintery January morning. Across the way, closely nestled buildings soon to bustle with business, offering trinkets and pocket books, costume jewelry and tee shirts at discounted prices. " Koreaville", dotted with store signs identifying owners in the squarish characters of the Korean language.
I approach the lonely figure, a young woman neatly dressed, huddled against the blistery wind, in back of a suitcase which serves as table or platform, on which rest several tiny stuffed animals and an empty coffee cup.
My mind fills with doubt-should I give her something? A brief debate begins in which arguments are registered for and against giving.
I draw nearer and the cold pierces my heart, forming an opening of spontaneous pity and generosity.
I place a dollar bill into her cup. With joyful surprise she faintly utters:"God bless you!"
I continue walking toward my destination persuaded that I've done the "right" thing.
Echoes of "God bless you" linger in my memory. I feel grateful for her blessing . After all, I have so much to be grateful for. My coffee cup is quite full.

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