Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Morning  After


 blue and clear
nothing to fear
I run along rippling waves
the heart craves
 for gentle lapping near

beyond water’s shimmer
darkness seems to simmer
giants in the distance tall
untouched by mankind’s fall
the sky grows ever dimmer

Ahead a man alone
against his ear a phone
in other hand a gun
glittering in the sun
I stop at border’s twilight zone

will  stranger shoot
not give a hoot
if I live or die
out of the blue,not of sky
 but shadows of the brute

“Good morning,” smiling, with a nod
I return the greeting as I plod
along  walkway on water’s edge
between mother and child wedge
life has returned, I thank,  I laud

Some Master plan away ,afar
a moment’s madness, a bloody bar
mind invaded
reality jaded
on world’s soul,a wound,a scar


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