Monday, September 21, 2015

Tashlich-casting away

Rosh Hashana-
water lapping jagged  rocks
wiping them clean
of dust and dirt

like a dog’s tongue 
licking with love
leaving  behind wonderful wetness

we empty pockets of leftovers
perhaps long forgotten
moments of coldness,
fear and untouchability

crumbs of callous forgetting
that she too hurts when ignored;
cast them away 
and fill the emptiness with human empathy

Yom Kippur-
Casting casts a frightening net of contrasting consequences
“Al Taslichaynu”-pleas of “Cast us not away”
pierce vaulted sanctuary ceilings
 I feel my “koiach”  seeping out,
of hardening arteries, wrinkled skin,
eyes filmed with fog
ears snatching  muffled 
 waves of sound

is it time to be cast away?
has the moment arrived for God to do some 
housecleaning , to clear away the clutter?

allow us our crumbs, all we have now
is the Rebbe’s ‘sherayim’
the Master’s remaining morsels
rendered holy by divine devotion
like shattered fragments in Your Holy Ark-

 we ask not for more.

not ready to submit 
to  tides that will cast us back into ocean’s depths
swallowed up by the beast of inevitability
a place of eternal darkness

not yet, not yet,

“Al taschlichaynu!”

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