Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A New Prayer for the New Year

God gives and God takes
i’ve prayed all my life for God to give
bicycles, beauty, brains-
Can’t ignore
some modest gains
a bicycle waiting for me after school
prayer answered but 
never enough
don’t want stuff-
adoration, love
from those I love.

We pray “please give”-
this year, soul gears in reverse-
please take
O great Receiver,

Weighed down with waste
agonizing anger
jealousies that gyp me out of joy
fear,handmaiden of guilt
grinding  the heart into ground’s dust

in your Omnipotence, accept as gift 
all ruin and refuse of shattered hearts
for you but a trifle, for me, mud-laden  mortal, crushing,
 I totter in drunken stupor  squashing sadness into oblivion

Purify the pollution of my soul
In Your Compassion cast  it into the vastness of the universe,

claim the  compost of my torment 
recycle it as a medley of  joyful melody 

You are the Great Taker
I surrender all toYou
Pain, fear, guilt, hopeless view of tomorrow
let me be without 
the baggage of so much rubbish

I pray I not litter my life in the New Year 
Accept my refuse with ‘rachamim,”

May it be Your will.


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