Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Alongside a butterfly

a butterfly followed me today
weaving an invisible wreath of lightness
with his wispy wings
around my heaving body

he floated, shining blackness in
a late afternoon’s
fading sun

and I plodded along a country road
heavy legs of flesh and bone
barely bearing me along the way

She wings by
brushing my sweaty arm
with a silken kiss

my winged companion
flutters ahead
a silent counterpoint
to my gasping breath

oh to be a butterfly, I thought,
recreated,  rewired with willowy wings
From  caterpillar , invisibly  inching along a gravel path
laden with a heaviness of being
to a fluttering flash
in that same waning sun

to feel the fling  of freedom for one fleeting moment,
the lightness of being, the summer air my home.

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