Wednesday, April 16, 2008


"Sometimes we feel overwhelmed. Where to turn? Where to begin? So much to do, so much to correct...Jealousy. Anger. Pride. How do we get rid of them? Gossip. Bickering. They embitter our lives . Unbridled physical desires, so compelling! How do we control them, redirect them, sublimate them to a higher level of experience?...Sometimes we simply want to become better people, better Jews. ..It's too much to deal with at one time.We must find one path, one attribute to give us the proper perspective, to show us the right way out of the maze of confusion and fear.
Hallel is this response, the golden way to awareness of the divine.To praise God is to overcome illusion and to touch Reality."( Breslov Haggadah)
The spiritual active climax of the journey toward Godliness is Hallel. After all is said and done, the acme of spiritual aspiration is Hallel. If all else fails, there is always the ability to praise, to acknowledge gratefully and thankfully the reality of the divine in our lives.
"The Creator moves the galaxies, the planets ,the stars.He sustains life on earth.He guides human history. He dries our tears and comforts us when we suffer. He is with us when we are born and when we die. And he fills the Meaning of life in between."(Breslov Haggadah)
Yet, to praise can be difficult. Our anger, our greed, our guilt get in the way. Moreover, who is audacious enough to think that we can adequately praise God? Is it not an act of "Hutzpah" to consider for a fleeting moment that we are deserving of this privilege? Even to praise is a gift, one for which we can only be grateful.
We recite the Hallel. Our effort to praise God.

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