Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I bought a book of poetry today, RED BIRD, by Mary Oliver. I read a poem and it opened my heart. As the doors of my heart swung open, the light of gratefulness poured in. The poem was a prayer , filling my life with a ravishing moment. I am grateful that this poem, as all her poems, can illumine lives with the blessing of gratitude.
I am grateful for a web site, whose whole purpose is to bring us the gift of gratefulness. Click on to "www.gratefulness.org" and you will be touched by the tender fingertips of gratefulness seekers. I thank them for including my words as well.
A venerable voice of gratitude is that of Brother David Stendl-Rast; his audio-video presentation ," A Good Day", is a glimpse into the godly gift of feeling grateful. Sights of the world's wonders enveloped in the loving sounds of David's melodious words, stir within us the deepest reservoirs of joyful gratefulness.
To imagine life without gratitude is to run up against emptiness and despair. "Modeh ani"-I thank the Source of All things for the most precious of all gifts, the grateful heart.

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