Thursday, May 22, 2008


Twenty five years ago today my son was born. An every day occurrence in the lives of millions, in hospitals and homes throughout the world, but for me , my wife and family it was an event of a lifetime, a personal miracle and source of wonder, a reason for gratefulness.
Time is so elusive in its meaning.What does the passage of twenty five years mean? In terms of other measurements, a quarter of a century has gone by since that exhilirating moment of miracle! How does this impact the experience of time? Does it shorten or lengthen it?
My son has grown into a wonderful source of joy, pride and gratitude. How can I not be grateful on this day? How can I not rejoice and stand thankful in the Presence of the Source of this gift? The words of the Psalmist are so very appropriate and ring so true today!
I think back but can only catch fleeting glimpses and images of those twenty five years, eight thousand, one hundred and twenty five days, one hundred and thirty five thousand hours of life? So many moments of so many diverse experiences , feelings , worries, expectations, hopes and concerns, celebrations and sadnesses.Each moment a gift, even the difficult ones, all part of the mosaic of life's astonishing reality.
I await another day, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, days that light our way to our destinies and to the realization of dreams. I can only pray that my son be given the gift of many more days and that he fill them with grateful joy. Happy birthday.

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