Thursday, May 29, 2008


The early morning hours are perfect for prayer, study and poetry.This morning I put down these words after prayer and study. I trust that they will qualify as poetry. I am grateful for them.
At Water's Edge:
In the distance, sweeping skyline of skyscrapers,
In front, lowly , lovely sprigs of green
Nudged by gentle breezes of early morn,
Softly swaying under nestling sunshine-
A moment to make immortal in the heart
So that when breezes burst into storms
blasting away at baby bulbs that
bawl for the caresses of Mother Nature
under a cuddling canopy of clear blue sky,
amid nature's cruelty will be remembered
God's kindness in the smiles of warm sunshine that
splash on earth,
protecting and preserving, a portrait of perfect peace..

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