Wednesday, June 18, 2008


As my eyes scanned the children's faces, my attention was caught by a statement emblazoned on a first grader's tee shirt. The boy is adorable, bright and endearing; the words on his chest were quite the opposite. "Me winning=you whining."Meant to be humorous , it only elicited sadness.
The comment has many implications. An obvious one suggests that to win, another person has to whine, namely the loser. In other words, the world is divided between winners and losers, and winning is impossible without causing pain to others.
From the point of view not of winning but of being grateful for whatever one achieves, there are no losers. Everyone wins if we recognize that each gift received is of great value and comparison, with the expectation of being better or superior or winning, creates consequences of unnecessary hurt and pain. Gratefulness makes us aware of the fact that while competition is often unavoidable, it need not be excrutiatingly painful or the cause of too much discomfort.Gratitude and not winning is the spiritual objective of life. As such, we are blessed only with win-win situations.

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