Monday, June 23, 2008


It is the morning after a moment of over- whelming grateful- ness. At a farewell brunch, I was regaled with tribute that triggered deep joy along with some self-conscious discomfort. The little synagogue on Hidden Meadow Lane lit up my soul as it did every two weeks for two wonderful years.
A gem tucked away from the sight of most other communities with greater fame and fortune, Kol Ami, sparkles in the sunlight of Annapolis more radiant that the sun glistening off the waves of the Chesapeake Bay. Its luminescence is linked to kindness of heart, clarity of purpose, commitment to community, willingness to work, and an all-embracing sense of gratitude for one another and for a place, a shul, a spiritual home which enfolds them with the warmth, security and sanctity of a love-filled prayer shawl.
For two years I was given a gift of friendship, of gratitude for being a rabbi, the blessing of sharing a spiritual path, that of gratefulness, to a community of Jews and others, eager to touch the divine in life.
How good it is, how fortunate we are, for this lovely little treasure, small in size but infinite in its spirit and love.
Kol Ami-The voice of my people will now become Kol Shalom, the voice of peace. I thank you for your sweet voices of peace and joy, confident that I will hear those echoes always.

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