Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am particularly grateful today. In today's economic climate of downturn , with its growing scarcity of employment opportunities, a parent's greatest worry and concern is for the future of one's children. Both my children have graduated this year with Masters degrees for which I am indescribably grateful. As they seek employment, I struggle with feeling grateful in the face of an unresponsive job market.
A few moments ago, my daughter called.
"I got the job," she cried out excitedly. Needless to say those words brought joy and gratitude to my heart. I put down the receiver and the echoes of her joyful exhilaration rang through my mind.
I am thrilled at my daughter's achievement. I am most grateful for her exuberance.
I can only hope that she continue her life suffused with the gratefulness that spawns excitement and exhilaration from the many challenges and moments of help she brings to others as a working MSW, a real social worker.
Blessed be the One who is good and brings goodness to all.

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