Monday, July 7, 2008


I am not a good tennis player.Yet, I do enjoy hitting the ball across the net with someone of equal ability. It's fun and a good way to exercise.
My son is still unemployed and living at home, a situation that is far from ideal for both my son and his parents. Because it is summertime, we have an opportunity to use the tennis courts of our apartment building; it has been a delight for which I am most grateful.
The feeling of gratefulness arises each time I outplay my son; I take joy in my modest victory and my enduring physical ability to run and hit the ball across the net into his side of the court. My greater source of gratefulness is when my son exhibits excellent skill in running and hitting and out manuveurs his dad. My gratitude is mixed with pride and the confidence that he has the physical prowess that will stand him in good stead in the future. As every parent, we desire more than anything that our progeny will succeed beyond the boundaries of our own success. Our greatest success is to witness the greater success of our young, of the next generation.
As long as he is with us-I do hope it is not too long for his sake and ours-I intend to derive the fullness of gratefulness from his being with us, whether on the tennis court, at the kitchen table, in the family car or watching television together on the living room sofa. After all he is our cherished gift,and together with his sister who begins here first job today as a social worker, represents the ultimate reason for my fullest sense of gratefulness.
In tennis ,"love" is equal to zero. For me , playing tennis with my son is a blessing of love whose worth is beyond measure.

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