Monday, September 8, 2008


One of the fun things about eating Chinese (kosher, of course) is the fortune cookie. Not the cookie which usually fails to meet even the most elementary standard of a desirable dessert; but the fortune inscribed on a tiny slip of paper is the source of anticipation and excitement.
Our minds know that these words are mass produced in a mechanical way and have no bearing whatsoever on the outcomes of our lives. Yet, a tiny part of a deeply embedded feeling, primitive, irrational but hopeful, titillates our thinking into believing that perhaps the words of the fortune cookie will contain prospects of something new and improved in our lives. So, we outwardly engage in a playful game with others as we share these magical portents.
Recently my fortune cookie read- "You will soon be given a wonderful surprise!"
I thought-this is general enough to cover all sorts of possibilities. And as I found myself wondering what the surprise could be-I was anticipating a series of results to several efforts I had undertaken, especially in my writing- I realized that this fortune had a very profound lesson regarding the concept of gratefulness.
After all, is not every moment of every day a surprise, and a wonderful one at that?
Our thinking is often mistaken when we look forward to one-time special surprises, all of which may indeed be wonderful, but neglect to recognize the wonder inherent in the gift of living itself.
In fact I am given wonderful surprises every moment that I am blessed with life. Each surprise awaits my awareness and gratefulness, and my thanksgiving.

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