Thursday, September 11, 2008

GRATEFUL ON 9/11 ???

Not far from where I live I can see the entire skyline of Manhattan. Today I am keenly aware of the absence of two structures that used to rise above all the others and are no longer- The Twin Towers.
Today is the seventh anniversary of that day of infamy and heroism, that day that changed our world and our lives.
Again, we remember. Throughout the land and beyond our borders people will gather-in houses of worship, schools, places of business or on busy street corners-to pause, to reflect and to honor.
Today our humanity engenders memory.
Today, our humanity offers us the gift to transcend and transform horror and pain into new possibilities and renewed hope .
The path of this potential metamorphosis is gratitude.
Today I am grateful that this country has been spared further terror of the magnitude we remember.
Today I am grateful for the passionate heroism and self-sacrifice of so many.
Today I am grateful for loved ones who showed the world that in spite of loss and grief of the highest order, somehow the gift of life and love is inextinguishable.
Today we stop amidst our busy and self-absorbed lives and for a moment at least, lift our heads heavenward and say: "Thank You."

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