Sunday, December 7, 2008


Since the publication of my book-I THANK THEREFORE I AM-GRATEFULNESS AS HEALING-I have struggled with the proper and successful path of its promotion. I have no intention of deriving a livelihood from its sale-as a matter of fact I would be most pleased to be able to distribute the book freely-it would be a tangible expression of the book's basic concept of gratefulness and viewing all things as gifts. Unfortunately, I have incurred considerable expenses in self-publishing the book which leads me to expect some financial return.
A good friend, a poet and an open-hearted soul, made the following suggestion for which I am most grateful."Why make the honorarium be the fence that prevents you from engaging the world with your labor of love? What if you proposed that they pay whatever they want? It would be an act of deep humility that opens many doors. You would be living your message of gratitude and communicating it in the most direct way?"
As I read these words it became abundantly clear that my friend had reflected the path of gratefulness for my own spiritual enlightenment.
My gratitude for this moment of clarity is boundless.
Therefore, in the spirit of gratefulness I offer my book at whatever you wish to pay. You may contact me at: for a copy. A shipping charge may be added.

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