Monday, December 22, 2008


While one is essential to our striving for unity, this number suggests a sense of inescapable loneliness. God was alone and He created the human. Adam was alone, and “it was not good for man to be alone.”Woman was created.
We come to the first couple, the first relationship, the first hope for the easing of loneliness and the creation of community. Love arrives, as do difference and strife. As long as we stay in touch with oneness, our sense of togetherness with the other can stay strong and sacred. As long as we recognize the oneness of God in the other, we are never alone.
Who knows two? Customs vary-Ashkenazim point to stone tablets;
Sephardim are inclined to remember people of flesh and blood, brothers who are icons and heroes, Moses and Aaron.
I prefer people, not only those who are larger than life. Ordinary people, companionship, the sharing and giving and loving that grow from at least two. This partnership gives rise to gratefulness, thankfulness for the light of being together with another, holding hands and facing the future never alone.

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