Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Last night my daughter and I saw the movie, "Marley and Me." We both love dogs, especially puppies that are labs or retrievers. We first had dinner together , which for me was a particular delight. I consider conversations with my daughter as both illuminating and heart-warming. As a social worker, she works with the mentally challenged and her dedication and sincerity to this kind of challenging work is inspiring.
While the movie was both entertaining and sad, the final comments by Marley's owner, John Grogan, a journalist, are comments that I found most meaningful for which I am most grateful. I don't recall his exact words. A paraphrase reads like this:
"Dogs are the most unique of animals in how they relate to human beings; unlike humans, whether your smart or dumb, rich or poor, tall or short, white or black, is entirely irrelevant. The dog deals with humans from the heart; she gives from the heart and receives from the heart. That is her gift to humans."
In this very complicated and worrisome world, we have a great deal to learn from the many "Marleys" out there. If we do, perhaps this planet will become a more peaceful and joyful place for all.

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