Thursday, January 1, 2009


It is the civil New Year. For a major part of the planet’s population, today marks the beginning of a period of renewed hope and opportunity. I however,still think about Hannukah and its message of the miraculous.
At a prayer service on the fifth day of Hannukah, prior to reciting the Amidah, the silent standing prayer, the layperson in charge announced: “ Don’t forget to add Al Hanissim !”
He reminded the minyan to include the special prayer for Hannukah whose first words are-“For the miracles.”
What a remarkable reminder for the days following Hannukah. Remember the miracles!
Wonders are not reserved for special occasions only. Everyday is suffused with the miraculous, with the amazement of being alive and embracing the totality of being.
So on this New Year’s Day I remind myself , “For the miracles,” and I praise.
May the New Year be one of enhanced awareness of the miracles of being alive.

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