Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beyond all praise

Back from morning prayer
God  praised, again and again
looking everywhere 
to find His hint in the company of men

Again  words declaring
Magnified and Sanctified be your name
Kaddish- worshipers daring
To assure Him of His fame

honored, adored
exalted, acclaimed
toward heaven sounds soared
lofty thoughts  inadequately framed

in a flash, image biting
piercing message, an alarm
father blessing reciting
choking words at life’s harm

wooden boxes in sight
seven in number
angels now taking flight
bodies buried in slumber

children’s smiles and laughter
 now cinder and smoke
infinite pain that comes after
can God’s name one invoke?

“Above all praise”
can these words that follow
drown out dread and the daze
lifting heart, hard  and  hollow

Beyond love and fear
way out of mind’s reach
nothing far, nothing near
can life’s sorrow slightly breach

For a story book ending
we pray God would show
but life  keeps on sending

tiny coffins in a row.

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