Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The dead squirrel

middle of the road
run over scampering for safety 
of giant monster that 
squashes helpless things into nothingness
no longer darting as if driven by ions
racing up tree trunks 
or skipping along branches in search of an acorn,
 a darting flash-gone-
inert, snuffed out, instant death

a photograph;  a far away land,  dirt road, car-less,
a child lifeless, lying alone, distant bystanders, no wailing by his side
 terror has vanished from cherubic face
eyes closed, asleep , feeling nothing,  in the world of darkness,
like the  squirrel
a monster, unseen and sudden,
squeezed  flesh and bones into oblivion

Morning, father and daughter off to school- holding hands,
care-free  eyes, exuberant, laughing, skipping along  not to keep pace
but to keep alive the joy of being alive

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