Thursday, March 19, 2015

Imagine the day after....

Every now and then
 words pop into my head
words of women and men
to be said after I am dead

my life rolls on before me
I halt it here and there
taking stock of my life’s journey
did I cruise or did I care

I hear them all articulate
pretty much the same
a  fairly decent friend and mate 
heeding  all the rules of the game

good father, and  a husband true,
as rabbi, teacher  grew
to be more honest , test things new
trying hard to be a little more  loving too

an effort made, with poetry,
and many words of  prose
to touch a depth of integrity
its goodness only God knows

to see life as a gift,
 lesson learned a little late
and not make  short shrift
of every open gate

will it matter what they say
I’ll hear them not I’m sure
but to imagine  being ever away
some sadness now can cure

what’s left behind 
is now my focus
so others will find
something genuine, not hocus- pocus

a passing smile
a kindness here and there
without shrewdness and guile

just doing what’s considered fair

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