Monday, January 26, 2015

Holy Anagrams

I’m in love with  anagrams,
Like children’s toys 
Letters , the muddy clumps  of
Tiny castles , a new architecture
On the shores of my mind.

My most beloved leggos are
Holy ones,
Letters of an ancient tongue,
The language of God-talk
On shiny parchment 
Found beneath the sands of time

I bite into bread-LECHEM-
The staff of life,
Its crumbs crushed by coursing fluids 
Along dense avenues of digestion,
To seep into cells and
Support my habit to live.

I sleep and dream-CHOLEM-
Man does not live by bread alone,
The soul seeks sustenance too-
Pie in the sky, the fruit of imagination,
The pottage of possibility and  purpose, the meat of meaning.

I awaken from a nightmare-LOCHEM-
My mind is at war-fear and anger,
Dread of death, of evil others,
Of wishes that wreak vengeance
Leaving behind  the debris of want and hunger.

I weep-CHOMEL-
My heart breaks with waves of mercy,
Humanity’s breast has dried up, 
The milk of human kindness has soured.

The bald head of a child,
The ribs of a baby reaching out 
For anything that will restore a barren body
To its rightful place 
Under a weltering sun
That robs her of LECHEM-
Of the stuff of life.

As long as I dream, draped by  CHOLEM-
As long as compassion caresses soul with  CHOMEL,
As long as I resist cravings of LOCHEM, of battle and 
Then at last 
There will be LECHEM for all

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