Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Scenic Mountain-Jerusalem-November 18, 2014-7:01 am

The sea of Talmud has turned red,
Its depths drenched in the  blood of sainted scholars

Where was the staff of Moses?
Where was God’s outstretched hand?
Why finger pointing to hatred’s poison?
Who will part raging waters, red with blameless blood?

No  magical wands, meat cleavers instead!
Murderers’ outstretched hands , stabbing white draped backs bent in prayer,
Talit turns red!
“Allah akbar,” the God of desperate death
Paid a visit to the synagogue that morning,
seeking sacrifices of unblemished souls

“If your sins be like crimson” a  prophet declares-
Seven in the morning, prayers
borne heavenward  on droplets of red,
Ascending from altars of bloody floors
and holy pages crimson splattered.

will bloody offerings 
cleanse sinful stains? 
will white ashes
soothe broken hearts,
a balm for lesions of love?

Worshipers watch arid dust 
poured  upon  corpses of consecration,
the deep is now their home
swallowed by the sacred soil of the  restful mountain .

Not pursuing enemies, sinking in sea’s churning waters,
but stricken Jews
drowning  in  tears of inconsolability.

“Allah akhbar!”-God of terrible might-
Away with Your furious face-
Get off Your bloodthirsty throne!
God of murderous might-turn around, do Teshuva,
show  Your back , that side seen by Moses on another mountain,
the tefillin knot that blunts  a bloody blade,
a back benign  and merciful;
Please take a seat on a fleece pillow, one soft as snow.

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