Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Je Suis......

Je Suis.....

“I am what I am”
 Declared by bush burning
Je suis,  what a jam!
Ray of  light, world’s yearning

does that mean for us
a road open to all
to make all the fuss
whatever the call

words of satire
bullets of hate
a world set on fire
why not hesitate 

before He decided
to make us from dust
could have longer abided
Before He could trust

that word and weapon
in hands of my brother
too easy to step on
the Je suis of another

what ingredient in soil
what part of our frame
allows us to spoil
life’s championship game

is that God’s reflection
tender children to slaughter
nothing’s left but dejection
abandoned by the Potter ?

perhaps Je suis.
in the end is the quest
who do we want to be
life’s ultimate test

I am Je suis
answer for now I see
a broken heart, humility.

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