Friday, January 23, 2015

Morning After Genesis

 Morning after Genesis

The sun  still asleep
 Awakening at appointed time
It has no troubled soul 
That  rouses rest from its nest of night 
While darkness hovers over  God.

But man awakens 
 in the shadow of dreams that prick one’s past, telling a story steeped in fear ,
 tales of disguised darkness, 
Of buried bones now come alive, resurrected in the valley of  
Visions visible only to the sleeping soul.
“It was evening”  but the morning hasn’t come-the sun still sleeps-and I must wait for its cleansing light.

Stars stud the sky;  blankets of cloud  
Bar the  way of sparkling  night-
It is morning, without rays of sun but the moon's  silver crescent bodes well for the day yet to come.

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