Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sex,Suffering and Song

Sex, Song and Suffering 

People’s lives 
Stand on many things
On what survives
And on passing flings

A Jew would say,
With faith and trust
Study, give and pray
without question a must

I don’t disagree
With any of  this
Yet it seems to me
We dare not miss

The true reality
Whether we like it or not,
Of another basic three
In their snare we are caught

Sex, suffering and song,
The gist of  humanity
 If right or if wrong
 Outlines of our sanity

Whether young or old,
Just ask Dr. Freud,
To life’s joy we can’t hold,
Without Eros buoyed  

 Disappointment and pain,
 Loss and much sadness,
They come like the rain
So do death, grief and madness

Amidst all life’s  story
All the good and the bad,
Strains of grace and of glory
That make the heart glad

Sound of music and  song 
Made by one or by throng
Spaces empty and aching
Filling souls as they’re breaking

One song  to endure
Either  popular or obscure
How can God walk away
Without one tune to play?

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